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Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Rely on Evolution Home Physical Therapy, P.C. of Setauket, NY to take care of all your therapy needs. We look forward to providing your with great balance therapy and home physical therapy services.

"Melissa is awesome. She is an excellent therapist and very caring. She paid great attention to my condition and safety."  

- Angela C

"Scott was a pleasure to work with, caring, compassionate and always very pleasant and willing to work around my schedule when needed. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Evolution Home Physical Therapy to friends and family."

- Sheila D

"I have had physical therapy many times in rehabilitation facilities. Caryn was by far the best therapist I have worked with. She understood my problems as well as my limitations and I felt very comfortable working with her."

- Margaret O

"My therapist is thoughtful and considerate and has become a friend."

- Marion A

"I feel my therapist was very observant of my problems and coordinated my exercises very well. I recommend him and his care highly."

- Eleanor F

"Susan was a wonderful person to work with. She is well informed of my condition and got me back on my feet walking and driving. I would recommend Evolution Home Physical Therapy to my friends if they have a problem."

- Andrew B

"My therapist is one of the best, very caring, firm yet kind and understanding of my emotions during my long recovery. She always gave my hope for a full recovery."

- Ann H

"My therapist was very competent and dedicated to my well being."

- Louis M

"My husband has dementia and as his spouse I was very pleased with Melissa's care. She really motivated my husband to exercise and walk more. She also gave me many tips for implementing his care."

- Alice P

"The therapist was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I also had another therapist who filled in when my therapist was away for one week. She, too, was excellent. My home therapy experience was quite good and beneficial to my healing and regaining mobility. Thank you."

- Donald C

"Karen was just wonderful. She cared!"

- Sidney K

"Melissa was always professional and informative. She was wonderful with my Dad and very caring. She is the BEST...always went above and beyond to help. Thank you!"

- Henrietta D


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